By Jason Moore I was not surprised to read that some German tourists are not impressed by the standard of service they receive when they are on holiday on Majorca. Some claim that staff in bars, restaurants and shops are rude. I know it sounds remarkable but perhaps it is time to remind the local population that without tourism Majorca is lost. The future prosperity of these islands depends on millions of tourists coming from Germany and Britain every year. If they go elsewhere, we on Majorca, will feel the pinch. Now, perhaps, what the island needs at the moment, is some lean years to remind everyone of the importance of tourism. Perhaps, the city council could relaunch their campaign a tourist, a friend because if Majorca has few friends then the unemployment rate will remain high. It is as simple as that. Tourism is vital. This summer the season has still not started, some hotels have not even opened yet. Times are hard. Majorca´s principal industry needs to return to the 1980s when tourists were arriving by the plane load and were given a warm welcome. The last thing this island needs at the moment is a reputation of rude staff. Unfortunately the island has already gained a reputation as an expensive tourist destination, which is a sad state of affairs.