Dear Sir, AGAIN, a BBC story on the Breakfast Show knocking Spain; this time with a report finding that 50 percent of Spainsh eggs exported to the UK contain salmonella. Some other Eastern countries have more apparently! It goes on to demand that these eggs be banned from entering the U.K. Now, this is rich coming from a country that produced a Tory Minister Edwina Currie in the eighties, who also reported salmonella in British eggs that led to vast swathes of the chicken and egg industry over there being decimated. Later, it was proved that the scare was totally unfounded. It was also stated at the time that the proper cooking of eggs would eliminate any possibility of harm from salmonella affecting humans (much in the same way as the so-called bird flu scare). Having lived in Spain for over twenty years and eaten vast quantities of eggs and chickens without any perceptible adverse effect, I can only conclude that the Spanish, according to the BBC are sending all the infected eggs abroad!!

Phil Green, Nova Santa Ponsa.