Dear Sir

JUST over one year ago, I wrote to the Mayor and her council just before the local elections, through your newspaper. I and two friends were sitting in the Plaza Mayor, listening to a concert given by the Banda Municipal de Palma and enjoying what we were listening to as always.

In the interval, we all said simultaneously - what a pity the Plaza was being allowed to degenerate and look so shabby. The walls need a coat of paint, and the lighting is in desperate need of cleaning and repainting. The cast iron work of each individual lamp which hangs in the centre of each archway needs its glass washing and its metal work repainting. As for those poor magnificent candelabra light columns in each corner of the Plaza requiring renovating and repainting to restore them to their true beauty, how sad to see their neglect.

Does the new mayor and her council in Palma not see this? Please, the Plaza Mayor is the jewel in the crown of all Palma's plazas - please give it some T.L.C. and show that you both care and appreciate what you have there.

May I take the opportunity to ask the Palma Council to restore to the city its high standards of Christmas street lighting and the former high standards of celebration for Saint Sebastian in January.

Brian M.Griffiths, Illetas, Palma