By Jason Moore THE Balearics is one of the richest regions in Spain; it has the largest car fleet, one of the highest incomes per capita, and let's face it, a very nice place to live with a high standard of living. It is quite rightly promoted as one of the best places to live in Europe. The combined cost of the super-yachts moored in local ports would probably help sort out Africa's debt problem. But still the Balearics receives a hefty sum every year from Brussels as part of its aid package. Quite rightly, Brussels is considering slashing the millions of euros which were earmarked for the Balearics. It's almost like Sir Richard Branson applying for state benefit! The Balearic example clearly illustrates what is wrong with Europe at the moment and how the gravy train is being clearly exploited. The Balearics shouldn't receive aid from Brussels, if anything it should be giving money to help the European Union develop other areas which are desperately crying out for aid. Spain, since it joined the European Union, has received a grand total of 82 billion euros. This money has been well spent; anyone who remembers the Spain of fifteen years ago will have noticed the major change. If I was a German walking around Palma and I saw the fantastic airport which has been built with EU funds and all the other projects I would be rather pleased to see how Europe is working but probably I would wonder why this sort of investment wasn't available to the more decaying parts of my own country. Come on let's get real. Until the issue of funding is resolved I can't see Europe advancing. Probably a spending freeze is needed until the main providers in the European Union can get back on their feet and start enjoying positive economic growth. Majorca is a classic example of how the European Union can work but sometimes you can just be too greedy.