By Jason Moore

SO in the end the favourite won the race, and Carlos Delgado is the new Balearic Minister for Tourism. At least Delgado knows something about tourism. He has been Mayor of Calvia for the last eight years and he does know where Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf is located and he has been to Magalluf and he has met tourists. I had my doubts that some of our previous Tourism Ministers even knew where some of the resorts were on the island, let alone actually having a met a tourist. Delgado is a controversial figure who probably has an equal number of critics and supporters but he can list some achievements in Calvia; the new rugby pitch, banning ticket touts and the new Galatxo park.

In Calvia, he combined the job as Mayor with that of Councillor for Tourism, after he took over the job from British-born former Calvia councillor Kate Mentink. He also knows the tourist industry and understands some of its problems. I think Jose Ramon Bauza, the new Balearic President, has made the right choice and his appointment will come as no surprise. As I said in this space two weeks ago, Delgado was introduced to a leading member of the British tourist industry as the next Minister for Tourism six months ago. There is a lot wrong with our tourist industry at the moment and perhaps Delgado can use his experience in Calvia to resolve some of its problems. It is a big job and it is not going to be easy especially as he will have a limited budget.