By Jason Moore IF a group of British or German holidaymakers went out to a supermarket in their resort, bought countless bottles of alcohol, took over the promenade every night and sat drinking there to the early hours, quite rightly there would be an outcry. The police would be called and party broken-up. End of story. Imagine still, if some arrived by car, opened their boot, put on the car radio and started drinking. It would be banner headlines. “Police break-up illegal party by hooligans,” would be the story of the day. But, if a group of local youngsters do it along the Paseo Maritimo, it's a different story. The police seem incapable of dealing with the problem and some people say, that they even have a point. As bar prices are so expensive they just go out and buy their own and drink it on the pavement. This is binge drinking of the worst kind. Many of the people involved are under age, cars and drink should never go together and also the mess which is caused is quite outrageous. The police have promised to crack down but last Saturday night it was the same old story; scores of people wandering along the sea-front with bags of booze. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to discover what they were going to do. The Paseo Maritimo during the summer is one of the best places on the island. Do we really need a small army of binge drinkers spoiling the whole area? And it is illegal. So come on police, please sort this problem out. If bar prices are expensive then just drink less, or stay at home in the privacy of your own home and just buy a bottle. Like everyone else, I am sick to death of reading that the police will resolve the situation. When? It won't be very popular and it will certainly cause controversy but enough is enough.