Dear Sir, I AM deeply saddened to hear that there is a movement against gay civil unions happening in Majorca. Marriages arose out of the desire to witness and observe a monogamous union between two loving people. A modern society would find little issue in extending this to same sex couples; after all, this would dispel the myth that gay people are all promiscuous. This same prejudiced argument was used in the past to ban marriages between two people of different races, and to justify the subjugation of black slaves. If someone is born with a different sexual orientation, then they are still equal to their peers. I am convinced that this is a minority voice. Modern Spain has done much to shake of the shackles and confines that caused it so much suffering in the past. I sincerely hope that progress will not be stunted by unthinking bigotry! My wife and I have just returned to Dublin (Ireland) after a lovely week's holiday in Alcudia. We bought a few pairs of shorts for 5 euros each in Inca market but stall-holder was not willing to reduce his price. However another trader sold us two scarfes valued 10 euros each and agreed to only charge us 18 euro. We just wondered what the general rules were in relation to bartering. Do they only give you a discount if you buy leather jackets and handbags etc.? We got a shock when we bought a few drinks and sandwichwes at Palma Airport on our way home as the prices were much dearer than Alcudia. I believe that the price rip-off culture which exists in Ireland will creep into Majorca. The tourists have plenty money and they will drive up the prices and the gulf betwen rich and poor will increase. I would like to sum up by saying that the people working in the restaurants and shops were very helpful and good humoured and made us feel at home. We are senior citizens and the Spanish and British people who organised our tour were brilliant.

Yours Sincerely, Ian McGregor
Dear Sir,

Kind Regards, Liam O'Donovan