By Jason Moore

MASS tourism or fewer holidaymakers with a greater spending power? This is a question which the Balearics has been trying to answer for decades. The rise of all inclusive holidays has effectively meant that hundreds of bars and restaurants have been made redundant and the behaviour of some holidaymakers in the more popular resorts has effectively scared other tourists away. I saw that there are plans to open three new five star hotels in the Playa de Palma. I was rather amazed because I can´t really see big spending tourists fighting their way through a sea of fellow tourists sitting on the promenade and drinking alcohol through a straw from a bucket! Majorca can´t have its cake and eat it. It needs to make a decision and discover where its future lies. I would say that it should try and move upmarket. It could be more lucrative and it would ease the pressure on the island´s limited resources. Big spending tourists will also be good news for the local economy.