By Jason Moore ANY ambitions the Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, may have had of being leader of the opposition centre right Partido Popular in the Balearics appear to be over. Over the weekend the party held their annual convention and Mariano Rajoy was re-elected as the leader of the party nationwide. Rosa Estaras, the present leader of the party in the Balearics and Delgado´s rival, had a good convention and returned to Palma in a strengthened position. The Partido Popular has given their full backing to the by-lingual education system (Castillan Spanish and Catalan) which is a slap in the face for Delgado who has based his leadership campaign on the language issue and has called for a dramatic shake-up of the education system with much more emphasis being placed on Castillan. Delgado is taking legal action against the party at the moment and there is a danger that the annual convention, at local level, when the new leader will be voted in, will not take place next month. I suspect that Estaras, if and when the leadership contest takes place, will win by a landslide. It will then be interesting to see what Delgado´s next move will be. Probably the best option for him would be to back Rosa Esataras but watch this space.