Dear Editor

I would like to agree wholeheartedly with Andy Prat ( Sun/Mon ), why are the Majorcan tourist ministers so blind? Can they not see that there are thousands of people who do not enjoy hotels. If the tourism crackdown on renting continues then I'm afraid that Majorca will loose a valuable share of the tourist euro. Tourists who rent private accommodation,especially expensive villas have the spending power to boost the income of restaurants and bars far more than hotel guests, especially hotels offering all-inclusive deals. The hoteliers must be a pretty powerful bunch to put into jeopardy the islands' tourist trade. In France home owners are encouraged to rent out, as the government know, this is a valuable source of income for the country.

Restaurant, shop and bar owners should lobby the tourism ministry before it is sadly too late. Needless to say the villa I used to rent is no longer available so I'm off to Portugal this year and THEY will be glad of my money, unlike Majorca.

Ingrid Chapman

Dear Editor, I COULD not agree with Andy Pratt more on the subject of villa holidays. The consumer has a right to choose what is best for their vacation and invariably for large families or several families wishing to holiday together a villa is a considered choice. If the govt/tourist dept. want to stop this holiday option by making it impossible for owners to gain an official licence then quite simply owners will sell up; holiday-makers will go elsewhere and thousands of jobs will be lost in the process across the board including shops, bars and restaurants. I find it incredibly short-sighted for the hotel industry to blame villa rentals on their lower occupancy levels. I ask all the hundreds of villa rental agencies based in Majorca or off-shore that bring so much business to the island to stand up, unite and fight this ridiculous rule. Let's get the villas licenced to adhere to health and safety regulations; let's get tax on income paid – but please for the sake of a healthy tourism industry can someone bring some logic and clarity to the table!

Tom Turtlemouse