By Jason Moore

CARRY on England or even Go Home England, would be a good name for England´s World Cup campaign which has gone from quiet confidence to a complete debacle of almost laughable proportions.

The latest joker is former captain John Terry who has demanded that the players be allowed to have a beer or two and end Fabio Capello´s tough training regime. First, England has a goalkeeper who makes schoolboy errors, then a team which is incapable of beating some of the worst teams at the World Cup and now the players wants to have a few pints to drown their sorrows! Incredible and laughable.

The only good thing about the World Cup campaign is that at last the English media are turning on all the players and not just the manager and a few individuals. Even the fans are calling for more effort. The England team has become little more than a bad joke. So perhaps, in some ways, it would be a good idea if England did pack their bags and go home then John Terry can have all the beer that he likes! Instead of being a good example of the English game, the England team is just a bunch of overpaid under-achievers. If I were Capello, I would tell them, if they don´t want to play for the country then they should just go home and end a very bad joke.