By Jason Moore

NEW Balearic leader, Jose Ramon Bauza, was given a standing ovation when he was sworn in as Balearic leader on Saturday night. He made a very good speech, and I was impressed. He spoke about the challenges which lay ahead and also about the need to reduce the high rate of unemployment on the island. Sitting in the audience was the leader of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy, who is tipped to become the next Prime Minister. You get the impression that Bauza is a man “who is going places.”

He set out his stall very well. He started his speech in Castillan Spanish, and then it was into Majorcan, and then into Spanish again. The members of the press were handed typed copies of his speech in two languages in a clear sign that he truly believes in the two language system. There were literally hundreds of people attending the event, including many Mayors from across the island, and his future cabinet. Bauza cuts the right image. He is young and has brought new ideas to Majorcan politics. Only time will tell whether or not he is successful. He has a large majority in the Balearic parliament, so passing legislation will not be a problem. Probably his biggest problem will be a dire shortage of cash. Government coffers are believed to be almost empty. But Bauza has said that private investment will be paying a good role in the numerous projects he wants to launch. He has promised to reduce unemployment and now he has to start to deliver.