By Jason Moore

I don't understand the Spanish government, and I am sure that many think likewise. On Thursday the government boldly announces that by reducing the maximum speed on motorways from 120 to 110 kmh, millions of euros had been saved and fuel consumption had been reduced. Obviously, this was a highly successful policy which probably also helped to reduce the accident rate as well. But yesterday, the Spanish government decided to re-introduce the 120kmh speed rate.

You can't be serious! So all the savings were for nothing! This has to be the biggest policy u-turn of all time. Now, all speed signs on motorways have to be changed yet again which will also cost many millions of euros. The whole operation seems rather pointless. For once the Spanish government has a successful policy so what to they do? Change it again. Judging by the accident rate on Spanish roads it would be a good idea to keep the speed limit at an acceptable level. Every year hundreds of people die on the Spanish roads with speeding usually one of the principal causes. The Spanish government is also always keen to underline its green policies. By reducing the speed limit they were obviously helping the environment. But no, all this was quietly forgotten and the policy was scrapped. Why? I don´t really know but you can understand why the socialist government of Rodriguez Zapatero is so behind in the polls. If you´ve got a good policy, it is a good idea to stick with it!