By Jason Moore

IF England win on Sunday, the recession will be forgotten for a few days at least, England´s green and pleasant lands will be even greener and there will be even greater calls for Hadrian´s Wall to be rebuilt!

This is certainly a big game and one which England need to win. I am quietly confident although I doubt I will watch it because my blood pressure won´t take it!!! The first England v. Germany game in the World Cup I watched was that famous penalty shootout in the semi-finals of Italia´90. I was in Magalluf and I was meant to be keeping a close eye on any possible crowd problems...in the end I just watched the game!

I still remember Gary Lineker scoring the equaliser and then the penalties. Enough said. Football is more than just a game and a World Cup clash against Germany has to be one of the biggest games on the planet for both sets of fans. England expects but really no-one will be too surprised if they are sent home. If the England team play to their full potential then a quarter-final clash with Argentina is a real possibility. If they don´t it will be another sad tale of disappointment and 44 years of hurt. One thing for sure, if there was a World Cup for fans showing their support for their team then England would win every time.