Dear Sir, WE have just returned to the UK from our two-week June holiday in Majorca, one of the twice annual visits each year. A week in Banyalbufar and one in Puerto Andraitx. This year while at Puerto Andraitx we visited Camp de Mar on three occasions. Each time we saw English couples not taking enough care of their children in the intense heat. One couple in particular, themselves having difficulty walking on the very hot sand, expected Sam, their 4 year old, to walk on it and became very angry when he complained and screamed with pain. Luckily an adjacent older gent picked him up and carried him. The same thing happened next day although finally his mum picked him up.
The dads all seem to do very little and expect the mums to take the strain.
The dads like to do nothing except lie on a sunbed under an umbrella, in baseball cap, shorts, tee shirt and trainers while whingeing about the heat.
Typical whingeing Brits.
So come on dads buck up, after all you booked a sunshine holiday and now you have it. Children do need a lot of attention plus, a hat, sun block, shoes and drinks. One family we overheard came on holiday without so much as an aspirin and were trying to get their elderly grandfather to go in search of a pharmacy at midday. So Brits, in future, when you pack your luggage please remember your brains as well.
Best regards
Margaret Kelland
Dartmouth, Devon
Railway blues
Dear Sir, My wife and I were in Majorca early in June and, despite a disappointing trip to Manacor on the new Polluter-Commuter, we shall be returning in September for yet another fortnight in this otherwise beautiful island. The “blacks' are the exhaust fumes which belch out from those diesel engines which run all the time on these new and, of course, the old trains on this railway. One wouldn't know these trains are electric powered, but as 21st Century technology isn't used, they carry no storage batteries and those filthy, noisy diesels run continually. A lost opportunity to modernise. The Soller railway electrified in 1929! Out train did, in fact, run on time, but was delayed for some minutes when the doors wouldn't open at Petra. We'll stay in our rental car for the moment.
Richard Harding