Dear Sir, Revd Robert reports a robbery of a friend in the Leroy Merlin car park (Daily B Friday 17th). Such robberies at Hypermarkets have been common place for years both inside the shop and in the parking.

Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, Alcampo etc could take a leaf out of the Airport's book and provide better client security. The layout of their car parks would allow them to put in the excellent Number Plate recognition system existing for years now at Son Sant Joan checking cars both in and out. Combine that with a simultaneous CCTV shot of the drivers and I doubt if any motorised thieves would continue to operate there. It wouldn't end this type of theft but make the thieves move onto softer targets.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Dear Sir, I have just been to the chemist in Magalluf/Palmanova. It is the one in between Papi's bar and the Euroski supermarket on Avenida de Pedro Vaquer to buy Ventolin for my asthma and even though it is not on prescription they would not sell it to me. I have bought my Ventolin from numerous chemists in Palma and also other chemists in Calvia with no problem. They told me that I could not have it without a prescription because many young people have tried to buy it, I replied to them that I am a 54 year old woman with asthma and needed it but they still would not sell it to me. I am really annoyed about this as Ventolin is not on prescription and even though I understand the chemists right to not sell it to certain people, why would they not sell it to a 54 year old woman who is resident in Majorca and lives just round the corner from this chemist!!!! I made it home very breathless and my husband had to get in his car to go to another chemist to but it for me! This needs to be changed!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Towner