Dear Sir,

I find it refreshing that Mr Lee (in his letter MDB June 26th) should quote Articles from the UN and its forerunner the League of Nations. That he should do it in defence of Israel is beyond chutzpah. This is the same Israel that ignores, flouts and defies UN resolutions on a regular basis; the same Israel that likes to think of itself as the only democracy in the Middle East while it runs and maintains an apartheid-style state that treats the indigenous Palestinians as second class citizens in their own land.

Israel have been involved in a land grab from day one. It started over a hundred years ago with the formation of the Zionist Movement, continued through the Mandate years and the formation of the state of Israel and continues to this day with the illegal settlement of thousands of settlers on Arab lands. I suppose if a lie is repeated enough times to enough people it will be accepted as truth by some but there are still some who won't be taken in by Mr. Lee's rhethoic and statistics. Israel has and continues to behave shamefully against Palestine and it takes some gall to defend their behaviour. I do agree with one point Mr Lee makes however, that “there are none so blind as those who will not see”, though it is not Ray Fleming who springs to mind.


Steve Humphries