By Jason Moore AFTER endless power cuts, which in some villages are almost bordering on the third world, electricity is to be supplied to the Balearics from the mainland courtesy of an underwater cable. This will mean that the islands' electricity supply is assured and it could result in a major drop in our bills. So the question which has to be asked is: why has it taken the local authorities so long to come to this decision? Every year we are hit by major power cuts because our present electricity network is unable to cope. Yes, we probably are using too much power but this is thanks to our excellent standard of living but surely we deserve a decent power supply. The bad news is that the underwater cable will not be layed and ready until 2009 by which time, smaller areas, of the island will have suffered once again with their traditional power cuts. Living in Palma perhaps we sometimes forget how lucky we are because if the lights go off in the city it is headline news but it 1'000 people in some small village or town are left without electricity it is barely mentioned. But finally the powers that be have seen the light. Better late than never. The Gas and Electricity Board has said that there should be no major power cuts this summer, but fingers crossed. It is generally in the middle of July when the lights go off every year across the island.