By Jason Moore YOU just don´t know who to believe; on the one hand you have the major European tour operators saying that we can look forward to a great season and on the other you have hoteliers warning of a big fall in profits. Perhaps, the truth is halfway between the two; we won´t have a great season but it won´t be as bad as everyone thought and hoteliers will have a dip in profits; but who knows. One thing for sure is that the summer season is still not into full swing. I am told that some resorts are busy at the weekend but empty during the week. The reason is simple people are coming away for the weekend booking up a three night stay but then people who want to stay longer find that the hotel is already booked out (only for the weekends) and are forced to cancel. I also noticed that local hoteliers are calling on the Balearic government to launch a major promotion campaign. This would be a good idea especially in Britain because I sometimes get the impression that Britain is rather like the forgotten market. Something needs to be done and quick because I suspect that Majorca is going to have a very difficult time in the years ahead and this is naturally going to hit the local economy quite hard.