By Jason Moore

N O-one likes criticism especially the Balearics. The German tabloid newspaper, Bild, fired a broadside against the island last Sunday saying that the Playa de Palma had become home to “pick pockets and cheap prostitutes.” There was an outcry and everyone dismissed the article as rubbish. But two weeks ago a local Spanish newspaper reported that the Playa de Palma was now home to “two hundred prostitutes who assault and attack holidaymakers.” This newspaper report was not denied. Unfortunately, for the Balearics much of the Bild article was true, there is a problem with prostitution in our resorts; just ask the people of Magalluf. Burying your head in the sand is a dangerous game and could have major consequences for the island. Rather than dismissing the German newspaper report why didn´t the local authorities send a fact-finding team to the Playa de Palma to see for themselves what was happening there? I know for a fact that the business community in Arenal is deeply concerned about the standard of tourism this year and also prostitution and street traders. Now, I know that the local authorities like to give the impression that everything is fine in paradise but sometimes you have to admit that there is a problem. Brushing the problem under the carpet is not going to help tourists or the tourism industry. I know that tourism is the lifeblood of this island but all is not well and someone should have the courage to say so.