I must admit I had little time for the outgoing minister for the Environment, Margarita Rossello. Her management of the water crisis and her stubborn refusal to build more desalination plants caused major problems. However, she did do something right. She ordered an investigation, which I believe is still on-going, into the affects of global warming in the Balearics. There is little doubt in my mind that the record temperatures this month have been caused by global warming. The fact that we have “enjoyed” the highest temperatures for 138 years is not just a freak of nature. A recent report compiled by the University of East Anglia suggested that temperatures in the Mediterranean would rise by at least two to three degrees because of the affects of global warming. I do not know if you have noticed that Italy is in the midst of a heatwave at the moment. I know it sounds rather stupid but the Balearics is not prepared for these excessive temperatures. The press department of the Gas and Electricity Board (GESA) has been sending press releases all week stating that demand for electricity had risen dramatically which made be think that electricity cuts could be on the horizon. Anybody who says that the exceptionally hot weather is good for tourism is also mistaken because these sorts of temperatures leave you in no frame of mind to do anything. I would advise the new Balearic Minister for the Environment to continue the good work (on this issue) started by Rossello otherwise the Balearics will just heat itself out of the market. A return to the good old June of old with temperatures of about 30 degrees would certainly be welcome.