By Jason Moore YOU have got to hand it to Spain; they thoroughly deserved to win the European championships; how they placed in the semi-finals and the final on Sunday night I would say that they were bordering on unbeatable. It was a mixture of youth in the time and the great experience of manager Luis Aragones, who should not be allowed to leave the top job. Before the European championships Aragones´ job looked very much in doubt; many were calling for him to go. Thankfully for Spain he didn´t. There is much to be said about the Spanish team; no longer do Real Madrid and Barcelona provide the backbone to the national team and Spain´s legion of players in the Premier League have obviously learnt some valuable experience. So we have a worthy winner and many congratulations to Spain. Unfortunately all the home nations and the Republic of Ireland missed the fun which was rather a disappointment. English football can learn from Spain´s success because despite having a large number of foreign players in their league the Spanish national team is still champion of Europe. The secret of success: a decent manager, great football and probably the will to win. Spain didn´t even have to rely on luck.