Dear Sir,

I recently read of how car rental firms at Palma Airport have escalated. This is very true in our case.
We had booked, as of the last 5 years, with a rental car company. Last year had totalled with fuel, extra driver and extra insurance to £246.00. However this year it came to 476 euros approximately £420.00! This was for a Ford Fusion (upgraded from a Fiesta) and we were absolutely shocked at this disgusting rip off.

This resulted in major cut back on our self catering holiday. Therefore shops, restaurants and bars etc suffered because of the car rental company. We had noticed that most things had risen and therefore Majorca is no longer a cheap holiday. This has now given me second thoughts as whether it is worth visiting after 7 continuous years. Is there nobody from the tourist board looking into the greed of the car rental company and any others like it?

Mr Trevor Smith
Bristol, UK

Dear Sir, ON behalf of two friends of mine who are at the moment taking a holiday in Maljorca, I have seen a good deal of tourist ripping (price wise, expensive taxis, trains to Soller rising at a magnitude, drinks being more expensive from 8 to 12 euros in the same night for the exact same drink, depending which time you are buying). If Majorca keeps up this attitude there won't be a lot of tourists visiting this island anymore, so better get its act together.

Manon Y. Heijl, By Email