In answer to Mr. Davison's crude designation of “family hotels” who host live music outdoors as “anti-social” behavior:
There is nothing more “anti-social” than this type of fundamental intolerance currently being exhibited island wide.
Majorca survives from tourism, or have we forgotten? Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. and their entertainment programs are a major part of that; and therefore part of this island's fragile economy.

Furthermore, summer is the time of year for outdoor human activity, whether it be outdoor concerts, children screaming in the pool, playing in the street, or adults getting loud after a bit too much wine.

If Mr. Davison and his lot are worried about being disturbed during siesta, or not having their “needs” considered, they should take solace in the fact that this island is fast asleep between November & mid-May.

In short, Mr. Davison: Get a life! Summertime is thankfully still the domain of the living!

Martin H. Rothschild