By Jason Moore

I am slightly concerned. This month former Real Mallorca manager Lorenzo Serra Ferrer bought the club and then boldly announced that he needed a major investor.

Now Ferrer and his team, which also includes Wimbledon champion Rafa Nadal and his father and uncle, bought the club for a token amount and they are now searching for a sleeping partner who is prepared to invest large sums of money into the club. It will be no easy task because apart from the debt, rumoured to be in the region of 80 million euros, the club also needs to strengthen the squad as there have been a number of departures of star players. I know for a fact that other investors were also interested in the club who had the necessary funds to repay part of the debt and buy new players.

Now, I support the idea that Real Mallorca should remain in Majorcan hands but only if there is an investor who has the necessary funds to keep the club in a good financial condition. I hope Serra Ferrer and his team will be able to turn Real Mallorca around, financially speaking, but they are obviously going to have an uphill struggle. Other Spanish clubs are in the same position as Mallorca which is a sorry state of affairs when you consider that Spanish football is on a real high.