Dear Sir, As a regular visitor to your lovely island, it must be said that the sun beds hired in the Palmanova beach opposite the Cala Blanca hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

Whilst a lot of people complain to each other, no doubt nobody has written to you to explain the situation.
The situation is that the plastic covering of the beds sag so much that people are virtually laying on the plastic frames and would be better off laying on the sand rather than paying nearly 10 English pounds daily for 2 beds and umbrella shade.

People on holiday look forward to comfort and I feel sorry for the very hard working beach attendants who have to face continuing moans from the holiday makers which should of course be directed to the attendants' employers.

Perhaps you may wish to pass this letter on to the Majorcan tourist office.

Brian Tregaski

Dear Sir, My husband and myself have just arrived back from Puerto Pollensa, a place we have been holidaying in for many years and again we had a wonderful time but one thing puzzles me, last year on the beach there were changing rooms and toilet facilities which we were delighted with, this year, gone! Any ideas why? Is the port going forward only to go back again! Best wishes to all the friends we have made over the years in the port.

Annette Keogh