By Jason Moore I sometimes despair of the behaviour of some people such as some of those who are being evacuated from Beirut this week. I listened on Sky News the other day as one woman complained that the British evacuation was far too late and then I heard yesterday that there had been an outcry when the evacuees where asked to pay for their own flight back to Britain from Cyprus. While I understand that the British government has a duty to protect British citizens who are in peril I don't believe that this should also extend to free flights home from the safety of Cyprus. Are all the 20'000 Britons in Lebanon going to be provided with this service? The actual evacuation involving at least six Royal Navy warships (about 2'000 sailors) and a squadron of Royal Air Force helicopters is already costing a small fortune which quite rightly the Ministry of Defence is paying for. But rather than a nice Thank You, there is the constant barrage of moans and groans. I don't want to sound insensitive and the last week in Beirut must have been like a nightmare but I do get the impression in Britain these days that a lot people expect everything for free. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has an excellent website which gives plenty of warnings about the various trouble-spots of the world; Lebanon is one of them. The warnings are there for a reason. I believe that the small flotilla of ships off the coast would be better employed helping the people of Beirut than evacuating Britons caught in the crossfire.