SPEEDING across Spain there are state of the art bullet trains, Spanish hospitals appear to function (infact many including one in Majorca are being used as models for Britain's controversial foundation hospital scheme), immigration is an issue which is being dealt with and the police appear to be doing a good job and on the whole Spain is a safe country. The same cannot be said about Britain; the railways are a nightmare, the National Health Service is in crisis, immigration appears to be on everyone's lips, and thousands of people are leaving the UK every year because of the rising crime. Just what is wrong with Britain? Until recently some people rather stupidly used to claim that Africa started at the Pyrenees. Those days are long gone and Spain's public services are now the envy of Britain. The reason why things work in Spain is because public services are properly funded. Every government in Spain over the last two decades has invested heavily in public services. Majorca has three National Health hospitals backed up by medical centres dotted across the island. Spanish doctors and nurses are in great demand in Britain. The list is endless. It just makes you feel how lucky we are to live in Spain. You get the impression that Britain is a meltdown, dogged by a government which sees no further than London and obsessed by issues which many see as irrelevant. A Spanish government minister said recently “while a small part of our energy was spent on the war in Iraq we were still continuing to govern the country and ensure that things worked.” It is a shame that the British government did not do the same.