Sweltering Palma Airport
RE: ‘Roger's' letter in the Bulletin on Wednesday.
LAST August I was in Palma Airport, in the departure area used by easyJet (and other low-cost airlines) - and what is now considered the ‘poor' part of the airport, and it was my worst experience at an airport for a very long time. It was reminiscent of the old days at the airport when there was only one, very hot room for departures - and I'm going back to the 1970's! My main complaint was the fact that there was no air conditioning working at all in that part of the building. It was stifling hot and exceedingly uncomfortable. The smoking room HAD to have the door open because I think people would have needed medical attention had they stayed in there for more than five minutes. People were literally dripping with sweat when they came out of there - even with the door open. The air conditioning (or air filters) have NEVER worked in there - the whole room is a stinking, hot cubicle. Now I know some people hate smokers, but is it fair to treat people like that? And is it fair to treat those passengers using the budget airlines as though they are low-class citizens? Surely that part of the terminal should be the same as the rest of the terminal? There are few shops open - and basically, there are only a few shops and refreshment outlets anyway.

I shall be using that part of the terminal again when I fly back to the UK at the end of August and at the moment I'm dreading it. I really hope there has been some improvement.

This is the last memory that holiday-makers have of the beautiful Island of Majorca - so isn't it imperative to make it a happy (and comfortable) experience?

Jan Andersen-Page
Wiltshire (UK)
DEAR SIR, I have just read on your website a letter to you from a David Lee in Palma, regarding David Cameron urging European countries to vote Turkey into the EU. I was shocked at the ignorance of this man to write such terrible things about other peoples religions. I am British and married to a Turkish man, he does not practice his religion but certainly does not have a deep hatred for Jewish people. I know many Turks and visited the country many times and Turkish hating Jewish has never been apparent to me!! Islam and terrorism is NOT the same thing!! Every country has good and bad - has Spain ever been criticsed for its terrorist group ETA!! Let's not forget that Israel have left thousands of people, women and children, in Gaza homeless without food and water. Yes Christian and Jewish faith say love thy neighbour, but do not always put it into practice.

Whether Mr Lee likes it or not, Europe need Turkey just as much as Turkey needs them. Turkey does NOT stone women or amputate limbs!! Rather than refusing Turkey because of terrorism & Islam we should embrace them, the position of their country is of use to Europe & the U.S. Just because this beautiful country with warm friendly people is next door to the likes of Iran and is a Muslim country - does not make it evil!!! Gillian Ford

DEAR SIR, EVERY problem has two sides, its “pro's” and “con's”. And so it is with Turkey and the European Union. On the basis of Messrs. Lee and Berest`s arguments (Daily Bulletin 29th July), Germany would never have been allowed to develop as a leading member of the EU because of its Nazi policies during the mid 20th century. The best way to solve such problems, which Lee and Berest described from an anti-Islamic rather than a Turkish viewpoint, is to integrate and influence rather than excommunicate and condemn. Mr Cameron is right to work for the inclusion of Turkey in the EU in order to influence the cessation of the practices which are unacceptable to the civilized world. Mr. Lee and his co-writer could well start by condemning Israel's attitude to Gaza.

Leslie Watson, Puerto Pollensa