By Humphrey Carter A substantial percentage of Britons want to leave the European Union, but deep down very few Conservative, or even UKIP, MEPS, probably agree because it will mean the end of the gravy train.

Ask your average British voter what their MEP does for them, and they have not got a clue, well most voters can not be even bothered to turn out for the European Elections.

Someone put a very interesting question to me this week. ‘Why don't MEPS act like MPs do in their own countries and work in the direct interests of their electorate?' Good question indeed because every MEP has a constituency to which he jets/Eurostars back and forth to from Strasbourg.
Why are their British MPs, such as Sir Roger Gale, fighting the corner for British expatriates across Southern Europe for the right to vote, the return of cold weather payments and a host of other issues which are not really his brief in Westminster? yet he has never been one to let Britons down overseas, even if they no longer have the right to vote.

Instead of wasting billions, I was recently told it costs at least 10 million euros per month to keep Strasbourg going, on costly debates on whether we can have oil and vinegar in open bottles on restaurant tables, curved bananas and cucumbers, why can not MEPS fight for the interests of their electorate and the general public, instead of their own?