ONE night last week my 20 and 22 year old daughters were treated to a celebration dinner in a restaurant in Puerto Portals.
Later, they had a drink in a bar in Puerto Portals and for two Malibu and cokes were charged 26 euro.
It's not surprising that young people do botellones.
Yours sincerely,

Mary Serff
Santa Ponsa

I feel I must respond to Mike Lillico's rather disjointed letter concerning the plight of the Centro Canino and the totally unrelated subject of bullfighting.

The Centro Canino are trying to help animals that have been abandoned or mistreated by people who simply do not care. This problem is not solely a problem of Majorca or Spain in general, otherwise there would be no need for the many animal welfare societies in Britain and the rest of Europe. It is a sad fact that the Centro Canino and other such organisations are needed and should be aided by the Council not thwarted at every turn.

May I also say that I live in a small rural community and I have never met anyone who believes that the British are cruel to their animals - quite the reverse. Our local veterinary practice is always busy with locals concerned for their animals, so I am not sure to whom he is referring
With regard to bullfighting, it seems Mr Lillico does not understand the economics of supply and demand. If there were no more corridas, there would be no need to breed the bulls in the first place. To argue that the bulls have a better life because they are ‘coddled' for 4 years before being ritually tortured and slaughtered is complete nonsense. May I also thank him for pointing out to your readers that the life and eventual slaughter of cattle is inhumane.

Apparently he has seen the inside of a slaughterhouse and is speaking from experience. Thank you Mr Lillico for telling us that the meat industry is inhumane - your words, not mine! Yours

Annie Sofiano