By Jason Moore O N Friday the President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar was warning of the dangers of immigration to Majorca but on Sunday, she was saying that we are all Majorcans and should work together to push the island forward. Did she have a change of heart? I doubt it. Her pre-Majorca Day speech was rather nasty warning that immigration could destroy everything that the island holds dear. But just 48 hours afterwards she was giving a rousing speech calling for unity. Munar, may have some rather unsavoury views but she is no fool. She got both messages across. I totally agree with her speech on Sunday that, Majorcans, mainlanders, European Union citizens and people from other countries should join forces and help the island which is our home. It is about time that our illustrious President asked for our help and made us feel at home. A couple of home truths for Mrs. Munar though. Our principal industry, tourism, owes an enormous debt to the thousands of mainlanders who staff the majority of hotels. They helped Majorca become one of the principal tourism destinations in the world. They have been helping the island for decades. Secondly, all the new roads which our Council President loves dearly will be built with the help of a small army of immigrants who are also helping Majorca and who have made the island their home. Thirdly, the large foreign community has invested heavily in these shores helping give Majorca a standard of living which is to be envied. Fourthly and probably more importantly is what have you done Mrs. Munar to relaunch the local economy? The only thing you appear to be doing is to try and split the island into social groups. Not a good idea when the local economy is struggling. This is our home, Mrs. Munar, and we will help to try and relaunch the island like we've done in the past.