Dear Sirs, WE have been regular visitors to Majorca for over 25 years in the Pollensa region and have seen some wonderful improvements to our favourite beautiful island in that period.

Sadly one issue which has not improved is that of hire car formalities at Palma airport which seem to get worse rather than better no matter which car hire company we prebook with.

On arrival on Saturday, 1st of September, we had to stand for just under one-and-a-half hours which was slightly longer than any previous holiday. Surely it is time for the hire companies to look at their procedures to take some urgent action to improve service.


More processing staff in their sales area in the airport would be a good starting point, then a serious re-evaluation of how they process hand over of the cars.

Surely if the cars are pre booked, as most are, a significant amount of detail can be registered prior to the customers arrival and in the case of people who are regulars, companies can store previous details then all that should be required is identity and driving licence checks.

This problem really is a bad and unacceptable start to anyone's holiday, more particularly for those with young children and elderly parents when everyone is tired and sometimes very fraught after the air travel.

Perhaps the Minister for the Balearics, who has done so much good for the island in recent years, can find the time to address the matter given that it is clear the hire companies are doing nothing about it.

The island is now a quality destination which demands quality service.
Mr and Mrs. W Burdus, Gosforth, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne

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