Dear Sir,

So, after a great and commendable effort by Monarch last winter the airlines are being forced to cut flights through lack of demand for this coming winter.

What a truly sad state of affairs. Quote: “Yesterday, the President of the Balearic's, Jose Ramon Bauza, admitted that the region needs a total rethink”. Well, that took some working out!! Let me put a few points forward. a) The season has been getting steadily smaller year on year. In the UK hotels open all year round. There is an increasing demand from retired people for holidays all year round as the retired population gets larger that will increase. However, one gets the idea that this is not an “image” that the tourist industry on Majorca wants. It appears to wish to pander to a weird idea that it's some sort exclusive jet set destination. Hearing stories of people who have stayed in Alcudia this year trust me, this is not the case. b) Abolish those stupid holiday let rules for properties once and for all. If you don't all you will have is an island full of all inclusive hotels. Property prices will plummet and the independent businesses will fail. Is this what the Government wants? c) When did I last see an advertisement on TV for the Balearic's? Promotion of the island has been a total disgrace.
It's necessary for the hotels to open in the winter and advertise the fact and offer winter breaks. For goodness sake I know it's not the hottest place in world but it's a lot warmer than the UK. But will they, probably not. Will the Government actually DO something. Probably not.

An island just living the past. All very sad for an island that is truly beautiful.

Stuart Allsop