Winter flights

Dear Sir,
Re: the lack of winter flights.
In your article today (15/09) you say the tour operators find it difficult to sell Majorca as a winter holiday destination.
Well exactly - what are they to sell?
This is not a winter sun destination, people wanting guaranteed winter sun go to the Canaries.
It is not the job of tour companies to dream up destination selling points. That is the job of the local government through its tourist department who then present and promote the saleable idea to the tour companies and their potential clients.
In my field of experience - golf holidays, a perfect example of winter tourism - the local authorities have been noticeable by their absence or at best misguided in the past five years.
The hoteliers should be pressuring the government to get promoting.
One TV ad could cover a range of activities.
“This winter do you want to walk, bicycle, golf, paint, bird watch, shop or just chill out, then come to Majorca - we’ve got it all and its just two hours away.”
We will never recreate the mad numbers of summer tourism but a well thought out TV sales campaign should ensure that businesses well placed to capitalise on the various activities will operate throughout the winter.
Don’t blame the tour operators - blame the local government.

John Little
Mallorca Golf Connection

PS Apologies to any activity I missed out.