Dear Sir,

Very, very, rarely do I agree with the political views of Ray Fleming or the scatter gun articles of Hugh Ash, as demonstrated by my ripostes to them, over the years in the Letter columns of the Bulletin. But today, (Sunday/Monday Nov. 18/19), I have to say that they both recorded a thoroughly well-reasoned, balanced analysis of the Arab/Israeli crisis with which I concur whole heatedly.

Both stressed the importance of Saudi Arabia's crucial role in restraining the wilder elements in other Arab States, while emphasising President' Obama's similar position vis a vis the more fanatical of American Jewry. The bottom line is, will Hamas and other extremist Arab organisations finally drop their policy of refusing to recognise Israel as a Sovereign State in its own right, and will Israel recognise the right of those living in a similar State -Palestine?

This will require great patience and negotiating skills. Will they be forthcoming?
Yours Sincerely, Phil Green

El Toro

Dear Sir,

The MDB has done well to present us with extensive coverage of the unfolding events in Southern Israel, Gaza and Syria. The views of Ray Fleming and Hugh Ash are so much diverse in its understanding of the subject and its intellectual depth. Hugh Ash's analysis and quotes on the variety of issues is revealing and refreshing, unbiased and accurate. Fleming is the exact opposite. Even the choice of pictures is ‘'cleverly'' designed to draw sympathy for the Palestinian'' innocence ‘'— the injured infant-against the mighty ruthless Israeli army — the tank. Anyone who has followed the events knows well that what has prompted Israeli action. The indiscriminate missile shelling of Israeli towns cynically targeting civilians, children, elderly and the indefensible who are , day and nigh, forced to spend their times in shelters, distressing normal life for 2 million citizen and placing its economy in great stress. Fleming, like the Arab media and politicians , is very good in startling every body that first came Israeli bombardments and than the poor Arabs react. That has always been the case. I cannot wait to read Fleming's columns when the shooting has stopped and the Israeli bashers with flaming their torch in the Balearics raising their heads again. We will be waiting for him! What we need to see is the so called an Arab Spring taking responsibility and not only to their people fulfilling promises and aspiration for true democracy. Egypt is probably the main culprit in the current situation by turning the Sinai into a no-mans-land, neglecting responsibility yet claiming ownership. That is not how it works Senior Mursi. Countries have rights but equally responsibilities toward their neighbours. Abrogating peace agreements is not a matter of, now I like it-now I don't! And I am not referring to the aid from the EU and USA which in 2012 alone adds to $6'000'000'000! Mursi must ensure that his Next Of Kin - Hamas-abides by international law and desserts terrorism and that is not negotiable. To me it seems that Hamas is setting out the political agenda of mighty Egypt — is it not ridiculous?

I praise Hugh Ash's fair and balanced views and I look forward to his next column in which he could give us more in-depth views about Egypt and Turkey who's c policies are bringing the ME to the brink.

Ayre Berest