By Jason Moore

I have come to the conclusion that coalition government don´t work! Take the Balearics; the coalition has failed miserably with the local economy still in severe recession. The reason why coalitions don´t work is that it is obviously very difficult to get all sides to agree. The local coalition here has never really agreed even when the Majorcan Unionists were ejected as a result of corruption allegations. The same thing is happening in Britain.

The coalition has been hit by severe infighting which is hampering decision-making at a time when the British economy is still suffering. Support for the British coalition has fallen dramatically as a direct result. David Cameron should call a snap general election in the New Year.

It is the only way forward. There is a real danger that the British coalition government could fall apart because the Liberal Democrats simply do not agree with their Tories allies. They may say one thing in public but then are saying the reverse in private. If there is no overall winner at the next local elections here in May, then there will be no alternative but to call a new poll. What both Britain and the Balearics needs at the moment is stable government and the only way that this can be achieved is with a single party in power.