Dear Sir,
I write again regarding unemployment benefits here on the island, that in reality is what we have worked for and we are entitled to, so why is it when we ask for information we are made to feel like idiots or criminals?
I am receiving benefits at the moment when I signed for the first time after terminating my last employment. I asked if I would receive any more benefits when this one is finished in March 2014 and I was told that I was missing 5 working days to receive more benefits.
Fortunately and unfortunately I worked for 10 days but did not pass the trial period so I thought positive and went back to the office to ask for information and was sent away and given a local 971 number to call. So I did I was told that no information could be given and that perhaps I would receive some payment, as I am over 40 and have no children.
So I repeated I was told that I missed 5 days and that I would receive payment but the gentleman speaking to me said either you don’t understand me or you don’t want to! I have been on the island for 20 years so I believe I understood.
Fealing frustrated I called another number and was given an appointment for the next day. So off I go to be told the same thing and explained that I was told I was missing 5 days.
What do we have to do for what is ours? So I go back in April and hope.