Dear Sir

DAWN LANE OF CALA EGOS, you are a star

(letters, Thursday).

Everything you say is correct. The fact that White Dee has been here in Majorca just underlines everything you have said. British Benefits recipients holidaying on Majorca, paid for by the British taxpayer, who will be hard at work back in the UK.

The silent majority need to rise up and drown out the foul mouthed destroyers of our beautiful island.If we don’t the island will continue to drown under the weight of these people.Keep raising prices, reforming hotels, increasing 4 star availability and anything else which persuade better clientele to come to the island. You can bet Deya, Valdemossa and Soller don’t suffer this problem as they have the financial clout and personalities to ensure the elected "puppets" do what they are told.

Keep up the pressure and things may change for the better.

Pete Godfrey, Cala Millor


Dear Sir,

In response to Jason Moore’s editorial calling for more winter tourists, as a UK resident with a home in Majorca I find it disappointing when visiting Cala Bona any time from November to March.

There is very little open apart from one or two ‘German’ hotels in Cala Millor plus a limited number of bars and Cala Bona doing it’s best to resemble a ghost town .I get the impression the bars and hotels cannot wait to finish at the end of October and enjoy a six month break. Not so many years ago there were more hotels and bars open throughout the winter months, now it appears it’s a ‘catch 22’ situation with not so many coming as there’s nothing open.

The weather, even in December and January is infinitely better than it is in the UK and given the right approach and encouragement by the authorities I believe the tourists would come. The budget airlines don’t help with my wife and I am unable to get a flight from Newcastle to Palma from November until the end of April without having to travel to Liverpool or Glasgow

Regards, Des Duffy


Dear Sir,

What’s happening to this island...I have asked this before and keep asking? As a business owner I have seen my trade fall by about 40 percent on this time last year.

I have also just received a bill for a missed payment on my autonomo (self employed licence). Sadly my mother passed away in March and had to return to the UK and I didn’t get money in my account because I was in the UK dealing with her bereavement and was out of the country for 4 weeks and have been billed with interest of 56 Euro for missing the payment. Do I get a reduction for not trading for 2 weeks in March and 2 weeks in April..NO.....20% interest is taking the ****. Majorca on self destruct yet again....get me out of here.

This is my 4th season of being self-employed, never before missed a payment, had all my employees on contract and every year had a fine or payment for something or other added to my expenses...

I think this maybe my last year here...

Name and address supplied