Dear Sir,

I am delighted to hear that you posted the article on the front cover of your paper about “the problem”

I have been writing on Trip Advisor for Magalluf for many years and I was the first to post such things as you’ve reported on your front cover many, many years ago......and am delighted to see that you have placed it on your front page.

Every time I try and post something on Trip Advisor to advise people of “the problem” TA come along and remove it as they deem it as “nothing to do with advising others” etc.... even though I feel as a “senior writer” that I have a responsibility to let others know of what they’re going to face when they are in Magalluf.

Indeed after 22 years of going out twice a year I have made a huge decision to call it a day, until “the problem” has gone away forever...

There have been many theories posted on TA from the council wanting the Brits out of Magalluf so that the Russians come and spend the money amongst the new Melia Calvia Beach resort, to many others..
All I know is this: The resort of Magalluf after midnight is “intimidating” with the BAW (sorry) but they are black African women and why not say it how it is so that people recognise who they are? TA say we cannot say that, as it is racial....

I truly fear for the holidaymakers visiting Magalluf this year and cannot understand for the life of me, why the council are powerless to eradicate “the problem” from the resort/island.

I know through writing on TA today that many of my age 45-55 have had enough and are not going back until this problem is rid off, but fear that it will only be taken seriously after someone is killed.
Anyway keep up the excellent work that you do.

Name withheld by request