Symphony orchestra
Dear Sir,
You know me as a regular Orchestra Symphony Balear season ticket holder, plus I attend many other musical activities carried out by members of the Orchestra.As they have been through an absolute nightmare in the last year, plus, very nearly disappearing , due to lack of funds, their great shining light and leader through all this, has been Joseph Vincent who has carried them through often at his own cost, and has inspired them to advance, artistically and broadened their horizons.
 He has a very good international orchestral experience, and travels all over the world, additionally being involved with the world Orchestra.
Why then with less than 24 hours advice was he pushed out and dropped as director, in a totally unexpected and brutal way by señor Marcelino Minaya, with the lame excuse that he ( Joseph Vincent) has not sufficient international experience!
 More than anything I think this way of dismissing the director of music, the manner, was thoroughly cruel and thoughtless especially after the “tempest” that he has carried them through.
 Anyway Ray, hope to see you in any future concert and will be interested to read your view on this sad affair.
Yours Sincerely
Yvonne Cotton,

Angie Guerrero
Dear Sir,
Not wishing to criticise  Mrs Guerrero’s hard work in the Calvia Town Hall, but I, and many other people, are wondering why, after several years, the so called prostitute problem seems to have finally been taken seriously and what looks like a, although I am not holding my breath, definite solution to the problem has been found.
I hope its not due to all the bad press Magalluf has been  receiving recently. This solution should have been applied years ago, bad press or not.
On another note, I find it annoying that both major parties can agree on foreign policy, biased or not, but can’t agree or more important matters that affect people living in the community. Maybe more time should be spent discussing these, and also agreeing on them, than something that has nothing to do with Calvia Council, let alone the ministry of foreign affairs in Madrid.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow