New Tourism Law a hit with island hoteliers
Dear Sir,
“Promotes quality tourism”, - yes, we’ve all noticed the abundance of quality tourists walking the streets thanks to the efforts of the hoteliers.
“Encourages competition”, - well  yes, all the bars and restaurants have to do to compete is to stop charging.
“Promote diversification of tourism”, - surely more like the slow elimination of traditional tourism.Enough already of appeasing these hoteliers, - the vast majority of which fall sadly short of the recognised criteria of more than two stars. People visiting our island, that wish to pay more for superior accommodation and living standards, and are more than prepared to spread their spending money across the whole spectrum of businesses here should be welcomed with open arms. Anything else is insanity.

Locals Language Skills
Dear Sir,
I must be missing the point here – I try & manage using a bit of Spanish where I can when holidaying in Spain as I know the locals do appreciate it (but it is more like Spanglish) & my husband who used to live on Majorca uses it very well but you do have to give it a try when visiting foreign shores - so I do disagree with your letter in today’s Bulletin I do not have a bad opinion of the locals & language skills. If everyone made the effort to learn Spanish/Catalan etc they would find it easier to communicate all round - come on let’s all try that bit harder if at all interested.
And the famous saying “when in Rome”……

Cliff Richard
Dear Sir,
8 officers in 5 cars from South Yorkshire in a surprise raid ( except to the BBC) on Cliff Richard’s home yet reportedly the UK has the largest EU drop in police numbers (report Daily Telegraph 11 August). Inquiry after inquiry report lessons learned yet surely the greatest lesson of all is that the police can no longer continue to be managed solely by those that are recruited initially as PC’s? The mindset of such recruits is too narrow, professional managers should be brought in from both the UK and abroad to curb such anachronistic practices.
I am,
Yours faithfully,
Barry Morga

Re: The Editorial “ I am not a hooligan”
Dear Sir,
I was reminded of a holiday in Tenerife some years ago when a group of youths were chatting loudly and drunkenly in a Scandinavian accent of some sort but as they saw police approaching changed to almost perfect English accents.
Things aren’t always what they seem.
Name withheld