A great musical
Dear Editor,
If any of  your readers are looking for an evening of enjoyment and entertainment then look no further than a performance of this magical musical, El Tren de Soller.
   My wife and I were amazed at the professionalism of the performance and of the cast. It is clear that a great deal of hard work and talent has been put into this production and as we left the theatre we were surprised to find ourselves back in Palma and not on Shaftesbury Avenue!
   If Mr Lloyd Webber reads this paper, which I’m sure he does, when he is visiting the island then I recommend that he gives himself a treat and attends one of these performances, it would grace any of his London stages.
Kind regards
John Bristow

Defending Cameron
Dear Sir,
As I generally oppose David Cameron’s politics I feel I can come to his rescue over some of your criticisms of him in Saturday’s article.
I doubt there is a single day when there are not major problems facing the UK Government. Do they all need the PM’s personal intervention? Are all the other Ministers and civil servants incapable? If he works 365 days a year and has no breaks will Britain function better? The question is rhetorical. From a PR view point he probably should have flown back. From an effective point of view I believe not.
Almost exactly one year ago the Syrian Government killed several hundreds of their citizens by a poison gas attack. “Dippy” Dave didn’t bury his head in the sand but he did recall Parliament to take “the right course of action”. Our MPs stubbed his advice to bring these War Criminals to task and it was them who returned to building their sand castles – not him. You probably have a shorter memory than him plus don’t have as many back stabbing members in your “team”.
Mike Lillico
P.S. But keep up your articles – they’re a good read.