Winter flights
Dear Sir,
Just reading today’s Bulletin and you quote Winter Flights only from London Airports. EasyJet fly from Liverpool 2 x per week. I know Liverpool isn’t the ideal departure point, leaving your car there can be well risky! But it is available. Great Paper! Saludos.
Roger Dean

Dear Sir,
I have been reading about your recent article concerning the scarcity of flights to Majorca from Scotland. I fly to the island two or three times a year usually for about a month at a time but after October to April air traffic is cut back drastically. When the company Globespan were in business it was great. Anyhow all power to your elbow keep up the good work.
James Lyon

Dear Sir,
Read with interest your article on above subject. I am also one of the people who last month came over from Scotland via Stansted. Absolutely horrendous but will not bore you with details. To say I’ll never do it again think says enough. If you will allow me I would like say a bit about the matter.
I have owned in Santa Ponsa for well over 30 years. Reason for choosing Majorca to buy was owing to the fact that Palma was the only accessible place from Scotland all the year round. Thomson’s had a Monday and Friday flight throughout winter. Like many others I regularly came over in winter and I admit the flights were not always full latterly. If Palma airport reduces charges I am sure the airlines will find this beneficial. However, Majorca itself must shoulder part responsibility as to why airlines have pulled out. Of course owners want to come over in winter but so do tourists and it is between both these groups that it will make it feasible to have flights. However, there is absolutely nothing whatsoever for tourists to do in any Majorca resort and not all looking for a city break. At least 99% of hotels, restaurants, bars closed and no entertainment at all in the evenings which is imperative to most tourists but simply non existent. I visited Majorca as far back as Jan. and Dec. 1971. Flights were full and although not many bars around the hotels went out of their way to entertain visitors, plus excursions to night entertainment in Palma, BBQ’s etc. Look what we have come to now. Until all these factors are addressed and resolved I do not think any airline will fly long term to Palma in winter.
Davina Griffin

Dear Sir,
Just saw your article on Facebook and I would definitely travel to Majorca during the winter months if flights were available. As I live in Dublin I think it would be great to include us. I’ve always said if we could go around Christmas and New Year Santa Ponsa would get a crowd. Count me in and I can spread the word among my Santa Ponsa friends if you need more emails.
Good luck.
Margaret McLoughlin