Dear Sir,
As one who has followed your campaign for an increase in winter tourism with approval, though not always agreeing with some of your enthusiasm  for instance, your support for cycling,which I pointed out clogs up the roads.
Hikers,ramblers and other outdoor pursuits, while laudable, hardly add wealth to the Island, they are more likely to be picnickers with ‘haversack rations’ But, at last, you have embraced the one activity that I, through your columns, have preached for a long time, GOLFERS.
Apart from paying hefty fees (too much),  they assiduously patronize bars and restaurants as groups, to receive their  prizes.
It is common for these to be awarded on such occasions and the day’s play is subject to much discussions (post mortems), so beloved of the amateur golfer,which induces the consumption of liquid sustinence, adding more profit to bar owners.
But, and it is a BIG but, The Majorcan Golf Club owners  (A Cartel) need to lower their high prices, especially, those from Scotland, where courses are more likely to be closed because of weather conditions.
However, it must be remembered that  golf in Scotland is much cheaper than here, less than half or even less is the norm.I do not incude St. Andrews and other  prestigious  Clubs.  If airlines were also to lower their fares, I believe the figure of 500 persons you quoted would increase ten fold.  
Yours  sincerely,
Phil Green.
El Toro.