Winter visitors
Dear Sir,
We are very pleased that your campaign for winter flights seems to be succeeding. Could you now encourage at least one hotel and a couple of bars, in the major resorts, to open as well? We would happily come in the winter if there was somewhere to stay!! We don’t all want to play golf, have a city break, or ride a bike. A stroll along the sea front and a quiet drink is all some of us want.
P & D Andrews

Stay alert!
Dear Sir,
I would like to share my cautionary tale with your readers. I have always felt relatively safe on this beautiful island however, on Tuesday I had my faith truly shattered. I paid a visit to Leroy Merlin in Palma (next to Ocimax) and was in their over ground car park, in broad daylight, when I was attacked and robbed of my handbag containing a substantial amount of money, my I-phone, credit cards, passport, glasses in fact everything I need to function on a daily basis. I was left dazed and shocked but trusted the whole incident would be recorded on CCTV.
I was amazed to discover Leroy Merlin have no CCTV coverage in their car park, coverage stops at the front door! Nor do they have a Security Guard patrolling or signs telling the public there are thieves operating in the area. So much for customer safety.
I don’t believe It would cost much to extend CCTV coverage to the whole of their premises and would certainly deter the undesirables from preying on the unwary shopper. Surely the store has a duty of care to protect customers whilst shopping with them?
The thieves are obviously aware of the gaping hole in Leroy’s security and take full advantage. I have travelled extensively and wouldn’t say I was naive however to be robbed a few feet from the stores front door was truly shocking and highly upsetting.
So, if you find yourself having to shop there, stay vigilant and urge Leroy Merlin to consider customer safety whilst on their premises.
Name and address supplied