Flights from Stansted
Dear Sir,
I thought your readership may be interested in the following.
Every Ryanair flight from Stansted this week -- is sold out!!!
Yours faithfully
F.S. Jessop
Sa Coma (Closed)

Winter flights
Dear Sir,
The Glasgow/Palma flight (easyJet) 14 March, full. 17 March, full, pity they hadn’t started sooner?
Michael Allan

Dear Sir,
Yesterday Ryanair announced their winter flights. One improvement are flights to central England with twice weekly flights to Birmingham.
Well done Ryanair for this one step in the right direction.
Noel Blick

Dear Sir,
The reader’s letter makes a valid point in equating British immigrants in Spain as hypocrites because they do not take the trouble to learn the language or integrate with the locals, something they continually criticise those immigrants of who migrate to Britain.
However, the critical differences are; the British do not form gangs to groom young indigenous girls for sex or prostitution.  
Neither do they gravitate directly to thieving, deluging the social security system or become involved in scams to deprive anybody including government of cash.
Most importantly, Brits do not enter Spain with the motivation that they are superior and will eventually take over the country and kill any body that gets in their way!
Hopefully, my comments will afford the readership a more balanced viewpoint, particularly as the majority of immigrants do not fall into the same mould.
Gerry Mulligan