Dear Sir,
As a business owner I’ve been driving around Magalluf and ask  myself when is the season going to start?  All I can see is roads still under construction, hotels still under construction and we are only days away from April .
I  understand that Calvia Council are  trying to clean up Magalluf  and make things better but us business owners have to pay the price as Calvia is making our season shorter.
Also, so I see today that Calvia have made rules for bar crawls but I just hope this law stands for everyone and that includes the big tour operators but now the bar crawls are finished. Will  there  be more booze cruises? I believe yes. Do you believe Calvia will be able to monitor booze cruises when the boats  are one mile out at sea?
Calvia have made it so hard for bar crawls to work and are investing in Magalluf to clean it up but we are still going to have the prostitutes walking the streets freely, that’s the bigger problem but still Calvia are only talking  about bar crawls and no drinking on the streets              ( joke). Wake up Calvia before you get your own way and Magalluf  is no more.
 Paul Smith