The Euro Increased Exchange
Dear Sir,
The Euro Exchange increase is welcome. But for how long? It means that those purchasing  property, will get a lower exchange price cost. But again, current residents will remember being caught, by the world economic decline. The large drop in the euro exchange rate. There are many who still can not sell their property. How long will this Sterling improvement continue? Could  prospective purchasers be caught all over again. If the UK withdraws from the EU. What will happen to the exchange rate, as a result of UK Independence?
The DB’s information on UK matters is most welcome. The cost of  1 euro, or free at Tourist Information Offices, is good for tourists. So your correspondent “ Steve -Palmanova” last week, suggests using UK newspapers. The cost of purchasing a UK newspaper is high. Even higher on Sundays. For example, The  Sun costs 2.50 euros, during the week. When UK newspapers were printed in UK, and transported to the island ; I understood their increased cost. Now, they use the Internet, and are printed in Palma. Why  the continuing high cost? Tourists read them on the racks, but they will not pay those high prices.
Most UK or English speaking residents obtain SKY television, illegally. Again, constant rolling news is available from most UK  TV channels. The companies supplying these TV facilities are enjoying good business, especially when signals are lost/changed.
I enjoy reading the DB, especially as it continues to bring me up to date, on all matters concerning Majorca.
Recently, articles on flight costs and the lack of flights during the bleak winter months has dominated the letters and articles pages. “The DB’s Campaign”- to improve flights and attractions for winter tourism is most welcome. Please continue your vigorous campaigning.
I was astonished to see the number of flights to Barcelona and Madrid during the day and night. They are in blocks of 4 or 5 flights  together, around every 2 hours, and effected by several different carriers. Surely one, or more, of these Spain’s Low Cost Carriers, could fly to and from UK , especially Scotland and the North East of UK.
There are Speed Cameras in various parts of the island, and there is a map showing their location. I can not find this map. Also, I note that these cameras do not have Speed Limit warning signs. What is the speed limit? Surely it is illegal to trap drivers, with no  warning of  camera usage, and no sign indication of what speed limit is in force on those roads.
Immigration, is a cause for concern for most of Europe. Freedom to move around, to find work, is the main reason for most immigrants. My great concern is  terrorism. I feel much tighter regulations are needed throughout Europe, to prevent terrorist actions. There is a strong possibility for the Terrorist Group known as “ I S”, infiltrating European Countries through poorly controlled immigration. I sincerely hope that the Authorities concerned for security in Majorca, are taking fast, strong deterrents, to prevent any IS terrorism occurring on the island.
Yours faithfully
Sa Coma ( Still not Open )