Dear Sir,
With reference to the “Tourist Tax”: Francina Armengol states:  “A society which creates poor citizens is shameful.  A progressive government cannot permit this.”
Perhaps she should remember that when Majorca – an island dependent upon tourism - is allowed to “close” for six months of the year.
Surely, only six months work per year for many of the islands inhabitants will create poverty.
Having lived through one previous set of tourist taxes, I can guarantee that my family will not be visiting Majorca again, should a new tax be introduced.
We have all managed to live without Majorca for six months of the year when  it is “closed” – which is the time we want it most – and I am sure that we can live  without it permanently, and simply find a new destination for holiday.
If the island created more winter holidays, I guess that the tourist tax may not have to be introduced,  as the extra wealth created would ensure that the tax was not needed.
Yours faithfully,
Anthony McCluskey

Dear Sir,
Why are  there no hotels explaining the importance of a hotel safe?
 Why are hotel safes so small and do not hold phones kindles lap tops etc.
I have been hearing and reading about thefts in the hotels in Santa Ponsa and there are no signs of forced entry.
People have had items of clothing stolen and items which you would not put in a safe. Until the police are called by the hotel management and a full investigation carried out the thieves are going to continue stealing. I myself once had a alarm clock stolen. Who would keep a clock in a safe?
 The thieves operating know the management will just brush it under the carpet.
 I suggest anyone having anything stolen should put it on trip advisor to warn further hotel guests that thieves are operating in the hotels.
The government are now considering robbing us in the open by introducing a tourist tax!! In recent things happening in the tourist industry think many of us Brits may be thinking of staying at home with hotel workers and governments robbing us who could blame us???
Tourist who is sick of being ripped off !!